Call for Help

The C-Economy project is yet in initialization stage. We plan to register a non-profit organization under which we will run this project. It is also possible to partner with an already existing non-profit organization, please, send your offers and suggestions via page “Contact Us.”

Everyone, who sees value in this project, can help. Below is the list of a few ways to contribute.

  • Make a donation. No amount of a gift is too small. To register a non-profit organization, we need to prove public support for the project. Both, the number of donations and the total amount of contributions, matter. If you are reading this, it probably means that you are interested, please, spare a few more minutes to make a donation now via pressing the link “donation.” Please, ask as many as possible of your friends to make donations too. The amount does not matter. Make it painlessly small for you. If you are reading this on a paper copy and cannot press the link, you may send money via PayPal to the following address: Every single contributor matters – thank you very much.
  • Become a volunteer. We need people with the following skills:
    • Marketing. We expect many organizations to become involved in the project to various degrees.
    • Public Relationship. People who can make a good speech on video or in person on the public.
    • Writing. A lot of texts will need to be written. We need people who can turn a draft of ideas into a professional article.
    • Web-developing, including the web-page art-designing.
    • Programming in C, C++ and all major languages under arbitrary OS.
    • Scientists with an economy topic as major training.
    • Any other scientists who find this interesting and are willing to contribute.
    • If you do not fit into any category, but wish to participate, let us know anyway, we will see where you will fit.
  • Become an employee of That will be available after registration of non-profit organization is completed and we raised enough money to start hiring. All volunteers available at that time may choose to become employees.
  • Become a Partner. Partner is someone who is willing to spend considerable time on the project without being paid to prevent conflict of interests. A partner can still donate to the project as well, but not expected to. As a partner, you will participate in the decision-making process on how to proceed with the project, the number of employees needed, directions of the project developing, communication with other organizations and donors, etc. We need a few partners to form a non-profit organization. A partner must be passionate about this project and should be firmly convinced never to give up. Someone who already has publicly recognized name would be a right partner who can help significantly to promote the ideas. As far as the amount of time spent on this project, some partners will only participate in a conference calls once a year or so, other partners will be involved in the daily activity. Please, do not hesitate to offer yourselves as a partner, if you think this project is worthy of your efforts and time. We will figure out the depth of involvement of each partner individually.

Please, contact us, when you are ready to help in any way. Thank you.

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