Government, Law, Military

A government of laws, and not of men.

John Adams

The Government will function as one of the Projects, which handles police, laws, justice and military systems, pretty much the same way as it is now with the conventional economy. The significant difference is that the law has a chance to be greatly simplified, almost to the level of criminal law only.

Since the conventional monetary system is vulnerable to the easy enough misuse of it, the government must keep making the laws and regulations more and more complicated to prevent all kind of possible financial crimes. The more advanced technology of money is employed, the more sophisticated fraudulent schemas keep emerging. Consequently, the number of lawyers needed to keep track of all the laws and regulations continue to proliferate. Soon, it will be so overwhelmingly complex that humans would not be able to deal with it anymore. We will need a special robot-lawyer to help us.

However, the law and regulations are only necessary to deal with the conventional money. Once a Contribution Index (CI) replaces the Profit as an incentive, the things are changed, and the law gets a chance to be considerably simplified. We will still need a criminal law, but the civil law should become almost all obsolete and unnecessary. There will be a complete freedom for people to do whatever they want to, while their CI will be adjusting accordingly to their actions.

There will be no need for the patent system either since any invention should immediately become available to everyone for the sake of the benefit of the whole society. However, CI of inventor will grow as long as people like and use their invention.

No need to collect the taxes anymore since the new function of what we call money now will only serve resources-accounting function, and it all can be computerized and automated so that no human interaction is needed.

Government structures are also reduced to the minimum since all the accounting job is computerized.

CI introduces another valuable opportunity to improve the process of election of the government officials, who should be required to possess a high enough CI and should pass a relevant exam before they can be elected. Popular votes are also taken into account with people’s CI as the weight. It will ensure the absence of ignorant, reckless and immoral people in the government.

The necessity of military will never go away. We will always need protection, at least from the surrounding wildlife, and from other sick humans for long enough or possibly until the end of the humankind. When life becomes interplanetary, the military will still be needed to be able to have protection from whatever danger on other planets will appear. The weapons will never cease being advanced. However, its usage should be regulated by the criminal law and should be based on moral standards. This part will continue working pretty much the same way as it does now in the leading countries. Military actions should be lawfully restricted to the defense only.

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