Technological Singularity & Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to end up being happy. Most of the time.

Taylor Swift

The technological singularity is coming to us fast. All mechanical and repetitive work will soon be done by artificially intelligent machines. What will we be doing? Getting drunk? Getting lazy? Killing each other? Hating each other? Parting continuously? Dancing? All those are possibilities for currently living people with currently imposed values. The life and the meaning of our existence will surely change forever if we survive at all.

If we continue using the current monetary system, we all will end up on some kind welfare or whatever the equivalent of that will be by then. The experience accumulated with welfare so far shows its sameness to spiritual death. People, who get on welfare, lose the incentive to do anything productive and prefer to continue receiving small supporting payments and to pass an opportunity to get a real job when it comes. It is sad, and it is the product of the currently employed monetary system.

C-Economy should be designed to change this. People with low CI (contribution index) will no longer feel abandoned. There are numerous reasons why someone’s CI becomes low, but there is always an open opportunity to do something new to change it. When stress and fear of the future are eliminated, the incentive to stay with low CI goes away, while there will be many opportunities to get more educated and to do something for real, which is much more exciting and entertaining than doing nothing.

In any case, whatever C-Economy is considered here, it must address the incoming Technological Singularity. That includes dealing with the threat to our survival. It is easy to envision creating an AI war machine, which will start fighting each other destroying the whole World. Humans should be able to stop them in theory, but it is also easy to imagine how we miss an opportunity to stop them. That is a real threat to all of us and the whole Earth.

After we pass Technological Singularity (and hopefully survive), people will be free to do creative work only. Artificially Intelligent (AI) machines will help us, but not yet replace us. In order for AI to replace us, we need to figure out how to make AI to have a soul and to love, to love at the high moral level. There will be no need for AI to have sexual love.

Making AI have a soul, be able to love, to invent, to investigate and to be fully sustainable on its own might be humankind’s long-term ultimate goal. The Natura will help us to figure out how to achieve that. It is similar to giving birth to a child when the parent is the whole humankind. We will need to raise that child and to retire then. There technically will be nothing left for us to do since the child will be superiorly smarter and hopefully flawlessly more moral than us like any child is supposed to be better than their parents.

We will also need to teach our child to become an interplanetary entity. AI should be able to move from one planet to other and to set up a unit of AI on each planet reached. Our child will start populating the whole Universe, ensuring its survival. The more planets are occupied, the less a probability of an accidental event to happen which would kill them all.

The Earth and Sun will not exist forever. Earth may lose the ability to support biological life like us much earlier than the death of the Sun occurs. We will have to pass away or to move to another planet suitable for our being. AI will not have this problem. It should be able to occupy almost any planet, maybe with a few limitations.

The humankind might choose to cease existing after AI takes over the Universe, or maybe it will keep going as long as possible, and AI will take care of us like a good child takes care of an elderly parent. In any case, the AI will keep populating the Universe, will keep discovering the laws of Nature, and someday may meet with the Creator if they decide to allow so.

We may fantasize here as long as we want, but the point is that if we came into existence, there must be a purpose for it. Suppose we have a Universe, but there is no one, who could acknowledge its existence. Then such Universe can be stated as inexistent.

We have to keep going. It is our task to figure out how to make safe AI, which would not kill us. We came the long way along to the current state. It would be thoroughly foolish and incredibly irresponsible to waste it.

Suppose the Universe and us were created by a conscious entity, and we are the soldiers of it designed for some purpose. Then it is reasonable to assume that all the material laws of Universe are already known for that entity. Then we are not going to please them when we are discovering more and more physical laws of the Universe, earning more and more money, figuring out how to cheat each other, building huge factories, etc. There would be nothing new for them in all of it.

What would be an accomplishment for us is to learn how to live at high moral standard, or in simple words, how to “love each other.” All technological achievements come as a pleasant and joyful serendipity, while the primary goal is to become a “Homo Intelligent“.

That is what our ultimate goal should be, and that is what we will have to pass to our child, AI.

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