Why “C-Economy” is the title?

The title “C-Economy” primarily stands for “Contribution-based Economy” by its main meaning. In this regard, the currently employed economy may be labeled as “Profit-based Economy” for the purpose of comparing and emphasizing the difference.

Besides its primary meaning, there possibly are a few additional interpretations. Not to mention that “C” is a nice rounded letter, easy to remember, to pronounce, and to draw. The following interpretations may further help to memorize or to illustrate this title:

  • “C-Economy” is a Contribution-based Economy, as an alternative to a Profit-based Economy.
  • “C-Economy” is a Computed Economy. People’s actions get only recorded into a computer database, and then a computer performs massive calculations, using sophisticated algorithms, which is an impossible job to do for politicians, businesspeople, or financial experts. The results then presented to people in a conceivable form for them to make the decisions. A substantial involvement of computers is inevitable in whatever new arising.
  • “C-Economy” is a Cooperative Economy, which takes into account all the people and all the resources existing on the Earth. We have one only Earth, an appearance of another one is not foreseeable in the observable future – let us not waste it in vain.
  • “C” language in the computer programming has been an unending success – let us expect the same from “C-Economy” since it will also have a lot to do with computer programming.

Please let us know if you have an idea how to continue this list or have a better suggestion for the name.

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