What is C-Economy?

This site is designed to facilitate open public discussion of an alternative approach to the money-based profit-oriented contemporary economy arrangement currently used in the majority of the countries.

The profit-based economic setup has been working for us since its inception very well, efficiently and flexible. It is apparently still the best known. However, it posses limitations and introduces problems. In the light of recent technological advances, a better economy settlement should possibly be emerged, providing a more efficient way for our society to continue progressing. It is not a goal of this site to criticize currently employed economy. Instead, we assume that a reader is already familiar with the deficiencies of a profit-oriented economy. Otherwise, anyone is welcome to perform their own research (the pages “References,” “Requirements” and “Why do we need to reorganize money?” may help on this). Additionally, the incoming technological singularity is expected to severely alter the way we live, and we need to proactively think about possible modifications to the currently employed economy.

The definition of “progress” (which usually implies technological advances) may also be reconsidered and shifted to humanitarian values. It is now the first time in the human history when we can indeed afford to think more profound than ever about life values. It is all became possible due to the incredible technological development of the past century.

What can we set as an incentive instead of profit? How do we make the ecology preservation to be natively enforced, instead of fixing the enormous number of unlimitedly growing legal restrictions? The new economy must address most of the questions like that.

I will not quote on the introductory pages any particular articles, names or blogs in order not to miss and not to offend anyone. Let us leave the citations and references to the individual discussions.

Some people think that a new social way of life should natively emerge after a worldwide crisis, as a result of the severe and prolonged suffering of millions, if the humankind survives at all. The wealthy upper-class people and hypocritical politicians are blamed for rejecting any radical change to the old monetary system because they are thought to lose their privileges. Consequently, a social revolution and the government overthrowing are claimed as the only possible ways to modify the society.

Such bold and reckless predictions make me feel quite uncomfortable. We, as humankind, had enough bloody revolutions and hurting wars, and I very hope that we are done with those worldwide cataclysms.

I believe that a smooth transition to a new economic model can be achieved if we manage to design it in a meaningful way satisfying everyone. In the end, everyone wants the World to progress and to be a healthy and a happy place to live in. Why then would anyone disagree if something indisputably better, than what we have now, is proposed? However, the process of convincing the majority of people about the changes necessary may take a while. Not to mention that implementing the ideas may also require significant time. This project may take a couple of generations to complete.

The deficiency of the profit-oriented system was always felt and seen, causing many specialists to think about alternatives. Some ideas are even tried to be implemented (like theories based on the notion of communism), which keep ending in the disastrous failures so far. Why did not people figure it out up to now? I believe we only now have a better than ever tools, namely efficient computers and advanced technology, which opens a never existing before opportunity to create a differently functioning economy, which is free of the old problems.

However, while many authors did an excellent job criticizing the current monetary system, explaining its multiple deficiencies and inevitable tendency to enter a crisis, there are almost no reasonable suggestions on what exactly to employ instead. Some only think that destroying the old system will let the new order to be natively born, which rather seems to be an unacceptable approach.

I have been looking for a public open discussion site to join, where the alternative economies are considered. There are many of a kind, but none would satisfy the criteria of what I was looking for. That is why I decided to create this blog with a hope that it will become a complete collection of the possible alternative economies with discussing, voting and developing mechanisms built-in.

I would expect that we will need at least 20 years or so to figure out a new suitable economy, which will eliminate well-known inefficiencies of the current monetary system while preserving or re-designing its good parts. Please, watch the list of new economic models suggested. If you are aware of another place doing a similar thing, please, let me know, and I will be happy to merge.

Why the name is “C-Economy”? I needed a name for the blog. “C” is a nice rounded letter, easy to remember, to pronounce and to draw. Furthermore, a few possible interpretations listed in the section “Why C-Economy is the title?” might help to memorize it or to envision it. I am open to using another name if somebody comes up with a better one.

A few of my friends and I have outlined how we envision one of the possibilities in a number of pages – let it be the starting point. We are open to any other suggestion. We need to gather all the ideas in one place in order to figure out the best way to go.

It is advisable to read chapter “Complimentary Notes” before switching to chapter “Economy Model,” in spite that they are listed in the opposite order. “Complementary Notes” is one-time reading, while “Economy Model” is where you will hopefully come back multiple times to watch the progress, to check the new ideas or to bring your own one. Please, also review the notes “How this site works” before proceeding further.

Thank you very much for visiting this site,

Mathew Ologeberg

P.S. I feel that I should let you know that the name is a pseudonym, to prevent wasting your time to google it. I have to confess that my original area of expertise is mathematical and physical science and not the economy, although the subject of the economy and organization of the human society has always been on my radar. I am reluctant to publish my real name yet, to prevent unnecessary diverted debates.

P.P.S. Please note, that the site is under development and all content is in thesis-like style. We definitely need help. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please read the page “Call for Help.”

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