A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

Jim Morrison

How many people lost their lives fighting for the Freedom? We learn from early childhood, at the school, that Freedom is absolutely necessary for people to be happy. It became a paradigm that nobody argues with. Freedom? It is good. We are no different from anybody, and also think that the Freedom is a vital necessity for the success, happiness, productiveness, satisfaction and even health.

However, we would like to rehash a little bit about what exactly is that we got so used to name as “Freedom.”

In the contemporary democratic countries, freedom is understood as the ability for a person to do anything they like to do as long as it does not contradict to the law. Nobody can tell you what to do (meaning that nobody can restrain your freedom), except people whom you gave such authority by yourselves (like your boss, for example, after signing your work contract).

However, one must be prepared to have Freedom. When slaves were freed, many of them were confused what exactly to do next. They were not ready to make their own decisions. They got used to doing what they are told to do. Freedom is only useful to those who are educated enough to be able to take conscious responsibility for own actions.

Are all people living in leading countries genuinely free, as much as they are thought to be? To freely do what one wants to do, they usually need money first. They have to save enough to be able to pay living expenses, and only then they would be able to do what they want to do. However, the majority of people live from payday to payday, and they cannot get out of the loop. Routine of daily life kills the dream. Financial debt is the latest kind of slavery we are dealing with now. Hopefully, it will be the last.

The most exciting projects are not profitable. All hard science projects are not profitable. Yes, we have a way to finance the risky ideas, most inventive people manage to find investors to try their ideas eventually, but does not it all look artificial? Why recognized experts in the subject cannot get together and decide what to do? Why do they have to ask for support of those who have money, but have no expertise in the subject?

Yes, there is a workaround, which people have to deal with now, and it works, but why do we have to do it using a workaround? It is interesting that people got so used to how the thing is, that they think that there is nothing wrong with it. One merely has to learn the rules and follow them to be successful.

Using Contribution Index (CI) should allow to eliminate workarounds and to walk straight. When the resources are under control of those who have proved to be the experts, who have gained people’s respect, and who are trustworthy, then the decisions will be freely made by the experts in a subject, and not by those who have learned the tricks to collect a lot of money.

CI makes True Freedom available in a natural way.

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