God and Natura

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.


This section explains the use of word “Natura” through this site. The letter “a” at the end is not a misspell, it is a Latin spell of the English word “Nature,” which has a narrower meaning.

It has already been mentioned, this site is not affiliated with any specific religion, yet at the same time, it is not against any religion either. We believe that religion is what makes humans be humans as opposed to animals. There is more on this subject in section “Religion.” It happened that quite a few religions have been developed in the World and continue to be developing.

The purpose of religion is to bring the sense of value in one’s life, without which it is very hard or impossible to find rest in the heart. In that regard, atheism is also a religion, if one considers it as a way to bring the piece into the heart.

Not everyone will agree with such definition of the religion, but this is the one we will use on this site, and we feel that it reflects the essence and necessity of religion well. Such a definition also covers atheism as a kind of religion.

The sense of safety, rest, calmness, peace, and happiness in the heart and soul is only what counts at the end. Religion helps to achieve that state (including atheism).

If a person says that they follow a particular religion, but they appear to be angry and upset all the time about everything, then we may conclude that their religion is not working for them. A true believer can never be irritated or upset. They calmly deal with the problems if needed.

If you observe a person who never gets hateful and always deals with all the problems in a kind manner, then you may say that you encounter an individual who has found their religion, which can be any religion (including atheism). The kind of worship is not important. It is only essential that whatever inner structure they built helps them to stay human, namely, be always harmonious.

Every person finds its own way to achieve that, not always successfully, but once found, it becomes the way to live, and no one else has a right to take it away. The choice of religion, or in other words, the way a person finds the purpose of life is a private personal decision. It is a matter of personal choice or a matter of taste if one wishes. It is vital to understand that such a choice cannot and should not be dictated or forced.

If you feel a strong necessity to encourage other people to follow your religion, then you are not a truly religious person yet. Setting up an example of a respectful and reverential behavior is the only true way to promote your religion. It is if only people ask you how you manage to stay a Homo Intelligent all the time, gives you a chance to talk about your religion to somebody else. Otherwise, one should never bring this subject up.

In a way, every religion teaches one how to love your neighbor, and how much you are capable of doing it is the only thing what counts at the end. There is more on this subject in the chapter “Art of Loving a Neighbor.”

People would feel more comfortable in the company of other people whose choice of religion is similar to theirs. However, there must not be too much discomfort to work together with someone whose faith view is different as long as we learn to respect the choice of others. In the end, it is so much better to be around a happy person, regardless of where exactly their happiness comes from.

People do not argue about what one should eat. It is easily left to a person’s individual choice. Same must be with religion. It is rude to tell a person that his choice of food is wrong. It is just the food to support life. Why would you enforce your pick of food on others? Same must be with religion. Food supports our life at the physical level, animal-like level. Religion supports our life at the spiritual level, human-like level. It is as rude to tell someone that their religion is wrong. Is she/he a happy person? It is all that matters.

If some particular religion does not make a person happy, then it is probably not a religion, but rather a cult or some another misbelief. A misbelief that justifies killing or breaking of any other civil laws must be eliminated in the society.

All religions have one thing in common. There is something above us, infinitely wiser than us, something that cares about us, most likely created us, probably watches us, which is commonly referred as God, Jehovah, Allah – you name it. Every reader knows what is meant here.

In order not to offend any religion, including atheism and agnosticism, we will use word “Natura” (Latin spell for English “Nature”) in places where people of different religions would use different names for this divine entity of all being.

For more reasoning on various attitudes toward to religion, please take a look at section “Religion.”

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