Overpopulation of Earth

Futurists don’t consider overpopulation one of the issues of the future. They consider it the issue of the future.

Dan Brown

Overpopulation is the possible problem of the future unless the rate of our reproduction drops by itself due to better living condition, as it does in technologically developed countries. The opposite may also happen, and we will have a problem of underpopulation, but that one is much easier to handle.

In order not to hit the overpopulation, some kind of birth control must be enabled. It is a very challenging moral problem.

At least, Contribution Index (CI) introduces a numerical quantity which may be used to license birth of children for families. However, it is still very tough question what to do if a child was born unlicensed.

The best we can do is to hope that we will not have this problem due to natural reduction of the rate of reproduction, but a couple of things listed below we can probably do without feeling too much of guilt.

  • Sterilization of criminals seems a reasonable thing to enforce. Whenever a person is convicted of a crime, they may get immediately sterilized. Yes, errors are still possible, like with every justice system, but this is probably not as dramatic for a person. In the worst case, one can still adopt a child to take care of, if they feel a need.
  • People with low CI may be offered sterilization in exchange for something they want, regardless of the value of it. Some of them may take the offer.

These two might be sufficient to take care of the overpopulation. Currently, we are doing the opposite. We encourage people on the welfare to have more children, and they do, because they receive more benefits then.

There is probably no good solution to this problem if we have to deal with it, but the two options might be at least our best options among all the bad solutions.

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