Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Albert Einstein

As we mentioned before, the completion of this project may take a few decades. It is not because it will take that long to write all the computer code needed (which should end much sooner), but because we need to bring up new generations of people, who is ready to live under the new economy.

Suppose we have all the computer systems supporting the new economy ready – we still cannot simply turn on the switch and to ask contemporary people to start living under the new law. Most of the people, whom we mentioned the idea of non-monetary economy think it is a joke. People got so used to the concept of money-driven economy, that something else is entirely out of the picture. There is too much to learn and to shift in the mind before a person becomes ready to accept these ideas. It will take a lifetime to do it with the currently living people. However, our task now is to prepare all the things needed, including new educational programs, textbooks adjusted to the new future, movies about the life under the new economy, documentary ones as well as fictional ones, computer code with all the technical documentation and many-many other things of that kind. The sooner we start, the better our chances to prevent World War III, which currently seems to be the only possible alternative.

One of the most important things out of all is the preparation of the new teachers. Historically, teachers were never on the list of well-paid people. How embarrassing! What can be possibly more important for society than taking care of the new generation? It is what defines our future. It is what even every animal on the Earth consider to be the most important thing out of all, but not us, humans, who put monetary profit before everything else, including children. If we did consider it the most important issue, our teachers would have the largest possible salary, they would be driving the best possible cars, and we would bow to them on the street. Whom do we bow instead? We bow to people who made a lot of money. Not even scientists, who should be the second in turn after the teachers, but no, we bow to the people with the thickest wallet. It is one of the most embarrassing side-effects of the profit-based economy which we currently use. We will not be Homo Intelligentes until we fix this. Obviously, it is not possible to correct it under the profit-based economy, unless the government gets involved and starts promoting and putting in place the new c-economy, whatever it will end up to be.

Where do we get good teachers? There are many people, who would enjoy working with children, but they choose to be accountants, money brokers or lawyers only because they want to get a bigger salary in order to take a good care of their family. We cannot blame them. The profit-based economy pushes talented people towards to the most paid professions. It is an unavoidable evil, which we should no longer tolerate. Yes, this was the only possible way in the past, but not anymore. The time to change it is now.

The most important thing to teach our children is how to relate to each other without conflicts, how to love each other in a non-competitive way. We all are elements of one single system. We should optimize our behavior to make that system to benefit the most. Religious people, please, replace word “System” with the word “God,” and that would not change the connotation which we mean here. Schools now have a pretty good educational program for children to learn about the sexual life, which was not available in the past. The same way we need to teach them how to live together. The geography, mathematics, biology and other special subjects are important to learn, but not as important as the art of loving a neighbor.

It is incredible how many matured people start attending the behavioral or mental health institutions, which includes not only shrinks, psychotherapists and other kinds of medical doctors, but also churches and other religious establishments. Some of them make their discoveries of the art of loving a neighbor, find peace in the heart and become better persons, managers, coworkers, spouses and simply better individuals. Why do people have to make those discoveries so late in the lifetime? Would not be easier to learn those things at the school when we are still children?

The new economy must make teachers be the most valuable and respectful people in our society. Once this is made so, the most talented people will naturally win to take the teacher positions, and we, as a society, will finally be taking proper care of our children.

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