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Please note, that the site is under development and all content is in thesis-like style. We definitely need help. If you are interested to be a volunteer, please read the page “Call for Help.”

Mathew Ologeberg

This section explains how to participate in the discussion and how to contribute. The site is under constant improvement and modification. It may be useful to check this page out from time to time to find out about new features added.

To participate in the discussion, first you need to create an account to become a member, providing basic information about yourselves similarly to any other blog-like site on the Internet. You may use one of your existent accounts at popular social networks to authenticate. At some point, we will have to implement verification of users to facilitate a reliable voting at this site. Once registered, you may access your dashboard to manage your profile, posts, and comments.

The final goal is to eventually create a document, which describes all the details of the new economy, which results from this discussion. By “economy” we actually mean a wider spectrum of relevant topics, like the educational system, the structure of a government, military involvement, and all aspects of the organizational setup of a human society. In order to set the expectations correctly, it is necessary to mention that such a massive project will probably take about 20-30 years to complete in full. Page Transition may be helpful to read on this subject.

To facilitate a proper discussion, we need to provide tools to add new documents, tools to make all documents readily available, searchable and organized. We need to let people vote for the ideas under discussion and make the result of balloting clearly observable.

The site currently consists of “pages” and “posts.” Pages are organized in a sequence, pretty much like in a regular book. All pages are listed in the Contents. Pages are relatively static and comprise the primary document resulting from the discussion at any particular point in time. Pages are not directly modifiable by the members. Oppositely, posts are a dynamic part of this site, and they are authored and submitted by members. The authors may easily modify their articles at any time. Highly voted posts will be moved to pages to become a permanent content. Authors have to have in mind where their post would eventually fit in the Contents after post becomes a page. Please, note at the beginning of a post where do you envision to insert your post into the Contents. At some point, we may add the relevant fields to automate and simplify this process.

Both pages and posts may have unlimited comments from other members, which provides feedback and makes a discussion possible. Comments will have votes as well.

The content of all pages may be downloaded as a PDF file, which some people may find it easier to read.

Posts are accessible and searchable via page “Posts“.

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