From Homo Sapiens to Homo Intelligentes

With the exception of certain rodents, no other vertebrate except Homo Sapiens habitually destroys members of his own species.

Anthony Storr

Homo Sapiens is an animal who gained consciousness through natural development or with the help of the Natura. How exactly that happened makes no difference for the purpose of current consideration.

We believe, that whatever the humankind is now, is yet not what Natura had in mind for us.

We are not yet as intelligent as we are expected to be. We should use our unique distinctive from animals ability, the consciousness, much more intelligently than we have been so far.

We have used our new ability mostly to achieve the same goal as animals have, namely to survive. We definitely succeeded. Homo Sapiens earned the status of the least endangered species on the Earth, but did we become humans who are significantly different from animals?

When we learn to live without a war, when we kill only as much as we need to eat, when we start joyful cooperating instead of rageful competing, when we reveal heartful compassion instead of selfish pride, when we start taking proper care of all children, instead of taking advantage of them for the sake of our own, when we learn to resolve disagreements without breaking hearts of each other, when we wipe a toilet seat in a public restroom for the sake of the next person, instead of leaving a mess to be cleaned up by the appropriate personnel, only then the real human evolution will start.

Some people will say that this all is impossible because of the aggressive nature of humans. On the other hand, there are many indications that people tend to behave mostly like the other people around. Our behavior is majorly dictated by the rules of the society we live within. It was enough for Hitler to change the norms of the community to convert most of the Germans into a hostile self-pride horrible individuals. When the war was over, the social rules were changed back, and the majority of Germans became reasonable and likable people again. How is that possible?

We suggest naming such, hopefully soon enough to become dominating, kind of human as Homo Intelligentes. Strictly biologically it will probably not be different from Homo Sapiens, but psychologically it is different, which deserves a separate scientific label.

Such a term distinctions homo-sapience, who use their consciousness as a most advanced tool to survive, to kill, to win, to force, and to conquer, from a real human who uses their mindfulness in an intelligent way to make themselves and people around happy, to create, to research, to progress and to build and develop.

What needs to happen in order for us to evolve into Homo Intelligentes? Can we do it? Is that a matter of self-discipline, education or maybe a matter of food we eat? Everybody probably met someone who resembles what we describe as Homo Intelligentes. It could be a teacher at school or university, or coworker, or, maybe, one of the leaders in your organization, or a father of a friend, or a mother of your childhood friend, and so on.

People like that do exist already today. We need to build the economic model which natively supports and develops that kind of individuals. The profit-oriented economy does not exactly serve this purpose.

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